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Washington City Paper: DC Natives Essay Contest Winners

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Join the authors of some of the winning and standout entries in Washington City Paper’s DC Natives Essay Contest—to be published in the February 28, 2019 issueto hear readings from their work and a conversation about our evolving city.

Thousands of D.C. residents are also D.C. natives—meaning they were born in the city's hospitals and raised in its schools. The oldest among them remember a time when horse troughs were on the corners and races did not mix. The middle-aged grew up on Cool "Disco" Dan. The youngest are fighting for their city's rights. Join us to hear the winners of Washington City Paper's D.C. natives essay contest—guest edited by Christina Sturdivant Sani—tell their life stories, as lived in the District. Hear their advice for newcomers. And see their D.C. through the lens of Darrow Montgomery, City Paper's photographer of three decades.

600 H Street NE, Washington, DC 20002

This event is FREE and open to all. Let us know you’re coming on Facebook.