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Dr. Barbara Adams: Women, Minorities, and Other Extraordinary People

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In Conversation with Ambassador Ruth A. Davis

A Conversation for Anyone Who Wants Change in the Workplace and Knows Their Companies Could Be and Do More. #GenderAgeRace+

Diverse, inclusive organizations have a distinct business advantage over other organizations. They innovate faster, outperform other companies, and even produce higher financial returns. Workforce diversity, as a business strategy, drives success and can transform a company.

But inclusive diversity is difficult to attain, and honestly, about more than just economic benefit. People are looking for guidance on how to do this vital work. Companies that want greater diversity inevitably find that they come up against culture and obstacles they are ill-equipped to handle. When the way we’ve done business no longer represents the kinds of organizations we want to be, how do we step out of our old models and mindsets? For anyone who wants change in the workplace and knows their companies could do more and be more, comes a book that lays out clear, actionable steps to develop sustainably diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Barbara Adams is Founder and Chief Learning Officer at GAR (Gender, Age, and Race) Diversity Consulting, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a Doctorate of Psychology degree in Organizational Development. Dr. Adams is a former director in the National Diversity & Inclusion office at Kaiser Permanente (KP), the largest nonprofit, integrated healthcare system in the United States, consistently ranked among the top five performers in the DiversityInc Top 50 annual survey. Before KP, Dr. Adams spent over a decade in global management and technology consulting with American Management Systems (now CGI). She can be reached at

Ambassador Ruth A. Davis is a retired American diplomat. Davis was the 24th Director General of the United States Foreign Service. She was also the first woman of color to be appointed as Director General of the Foreign Service and the first African-American Director of the Foreign Service Institute. Davis attended Spelman College in Atlanta where she earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology and graduated magna cum laude. Davis received her master’s degree from the School of Social Work at the University of California at Berkeley. She joined the U.S. Foreign Service in 1969 and became the first and only African American woman named a Career Ambassador. Davis has always worked diligently to increase diversity among the ranks of the ranks of the diplomatic corps. In 2003, Ambassador Davis was awarded the Secretary’s Distinguished Service Award by Secretary of State Colin Powell.

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