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Day Schildkret: Morning Altars

A Discussion About How to Nourish Your Spirit Through Nature, Art, and Ritual

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Join us to meet the world-renowned creator, artist, author and ritualistic guide of Morning Altars, Day Schidkret, as he presents his new, exquisite book with a group of panelists from our community. The following panelists will be participating in this opportunity for dialogue and reflections on nature, art, community and earth rhythms:

Atticus Mooney of Bhava Collective

Clare Kelley of DC Forest Bathing

Jessica Lusty of Evolving Mindfully

April Ramee of Antler Alchemy

“Morning altars” are colorful mandalas that combine nature, art, and meditation. Incorporating the natural world into the everyday encourages positive well- being, even with the simplest of the earth’s gifts, such as leaves, flowers, berries, feathers, and stones. These stunning pieces of art are a peaceful and creative avenue to express gratitude for nature, to practice mindfulness, and to add meaning to daily life. In this book, Day Schildkret guides readers through the creation of morning altars, a seven- step process that includes wondering and wandering, place meditation, clearing space, creating, gifting, walking away, and sharing his art with others.

Since his first morning altar, Schildkret has built hundreds more. His work has been warmly received on social media and he teaches workshops on altar building, all with the intention of sharing the positivity and beauty they have brought to his life.

Day Schildkret is an earth artist, educator, and public speaker who teaches workshops internationally for communities, festivals, and corporations, as well as mentoring individuals in their creative life purpose. His work, which focuses on why creative living, beauty making, and impermanence are needed now more than ever, has been featured in Vice, Buzzfeed, Well + Good, Spirituality & Health, and elsewhere. He lives in California's Bay Area.

600 H Street NE, Washington, DC 20002

This event is FREE and open to all. Let us know you’re coming on Facebook.

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